MaboxLinux | A Brilliant Openbox Desktop

Every now and then a viewer will recommend a Linux distribution that I’m not familiar with. MaboxLinux was one of those distributions and I’m glad it was brought to my attention. It’s based on Manjaro and features the Openbox floating window manager. It comes pre-configured with a very attractive and useful Openbox setup. I think I actually prefer MaboxLinux’s implementation of Openbox to Manjaro’s own community edition. Watch the video below to see me run through the installation process and give some general first impressions.

As you can see in the video I was super impressed with how functional this little distribution is. It included mostly everything a user would need to get up and running apart from a desktop email client and office applications. The ISO weighs in at around 1.5GB in size and the installation was complete in under 10 minutes. It’s currently in the ‘evaluation stage’ on Distrowatch’s page rankings. If you would like to help MaboxLinux you can vote for them here. If you would like to try MaboxLinux out for yourself click here. What do you think of MaboxLinux? Let me know in the comments below!

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