NixOS | Installation and First Impressions

NixOS is a unique Linux distribution that uses the Nix package manager. It aims to be a reliable operating system by avoiding system breakages. You can easily rollback to different versions after upgrading the system. It uses a configuration file for installation which can be reproduced on different machines. The latest version of NixOS is 20.03 Markhor and you have a few different ways to install it on your system. There is a live GUI ISO which uses KDE as it’s desktop environment and there are also minimal install ISOs which is what I used to get up and running. You can install a number of different desktop environments and in this video we use GNOME and take a quick look at Pantheon. If you’d like to try out NixOS for yourself or learn more about it click here.

I’ll be doing a follow up review of NixOS where I go more in depth and check out more of the features unique to this distro! What do you think of NixOS? Let me know in the comments below!

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