Ubuntuvn | An Interesting Take On The Cinnamon Desktop

It isn’t often I come across a Linux distribution I know literally nothing about. Today while browsing a myriad of different Linux websites and news sources I stumbled upon Ubuntuvn. Ubuntuvn is respin of Ubuntu based on the latest LTS release, 20.04. I believe it’s of Vietnamese origin and as well as offering a Cinnamon ISO they also have one for Deepin too.

I decided to spin the Cinnamon version on my main computer and take a look around. I was instantly surprised at how similar in the look and feel it was to the Deepin desktop environment. I’ve never seen Cinnamon implemented in such a way and on first impressions, I’m a fan. Aside from the way it looks I do feel there could be some minor tweaks here and there to enhance the overall distribution. It could do with slimming down a little and dropping some applications. For example it features 2 file managers which are Nemo and Nautilus. With that said i’ll be keeping an eye on this and will take a deeper look into it soon.

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